Founding Members:

Earl McCloud


Lonnie McCloud

Denise McCloud

Dustin McCloud

Doug Mowrer

Nancy Mowrer

Frank McCloud

Trixy"Teresa McCloud"

Julia McCloud

Carl McGeorge

Laura McGeorge

Loni-Lynn Mccloud

Lonnie D McCloud

Dave Resop

Dawn Resop

Chris Murray

Big John Powers

Tommy McLelland

Bill Clay

Donna Clay

Rick and Brandy Schmidt.


H. C. Photo Crew:

Terry Altum

Danielle Gambino


H. C. Recruiters:

Big John Powers

Tommy McLelland



Michael Acord

Dannie Alley

Brenda Alley

Shawn Skinner

Billy Glider

Richie ?. lol

Mike Harmon.

Ken Baker

Kristin Betley

Chris Brown

Haley Brown

Bill Brown

Shaky Breeding

Betty Breeding

Scott Breeding

Chris Compton

Chris Compton Jr.

Christian Cafego

Rick Schmidt

Keith Fannin

Linda McIntire

Greg Casey

Ray Cendek

Big Chris

Joe Clay

Bob Clay

Mark Crank

Kelvin Cox

Joe Daniels

Kevin Daniels

John Emmert

Chris Feltner

Billy Ferguson 

Henderson Ferris

Jason Goemaere

John Goins

Andy Goins

Anthony Hamilton

Cody Harding

Cody Hartford

Ron Hyde

Dave Beard

Lisa Karas

Bobby Kelly

Paul King

Dean Komlosi

Frank Komlosi

Jody Kovich

Richard Koester

Garret Kovich

Kieth Lamanski

Billy Lash

Wanda Lash

Mark Lashuay

Cindy Lashuay

Jesse Lee

Dave Leffew

Jordan Lesinski

Luke Lesinski

Tony Lipare

Mike Long

Ryan Long

Racheal Long

Mark Lowe

Cory Skees

Ray Meade

Mitchell Peebles

Jami Makki

Mike Mcadams

Amy Mcadams

Jacob McAdams

Jerry Mcdaniels

Mike Mcdaniels

Lisa Mcquade

Daniel McQuade

Brad Meirthew

Big Mike

Ron Millsor

Clay Morgan

Mike Moore 

Jim Pace

Jeffery Payne

Tim Roach

Rotton"Scott Lakins"

Chad Rummel

Butchie Sarkissian


Melissa Sharp

Donald Storie

Bryan Strom

Brian Sicalo

Tony Sindone

Mike Whimpy

Guy Wurtz

Dave Wright

Fallen Members:

Dustin D. McCloud

Juanita Pace

Dawn Resop

Mike Whimpy

James L. King

Carl McGeorge Sr.

Dennis Komlosi

Aaron Komlosi

Robbie Mowrer

Robert  Mowrer

William Mazgai

Lonnie McCloud Sr.

Terry W Ellenberg.

Simon Sarkissian. > > > > > > > >



HillBilly Connection is Dedicated to Dustin McCloud.

Help keep his spirit alive, join the Club.


Membership is Free, No Fees, No Hassles, Just People who enjoy Trucks, Cars and Bikes.

Email :

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High Altitude Entertainment would like to offer their services to anyone who may need a DJ for any Occasion.

Phone: 734-260-2761 ask for Ron.


Want to be part of our growing cruze club?, then email me at with your details and your ride pic and any other Pics or Ideas or info that describes ya like a My Space or Facebook profile and we'll get ya added to the site.

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If you are a Member or are planning to become one, get your Member Shirt, the color is yellow so we can see each other at all the Events.

Member Rides.


 Lonnies 1983 Olds Cutlass



Carls 1972 Torino.



Rottons 1966 Baracuda.



Mike longs Z-28






Billy Ferguson's 1969 SS 396 Chevelle.




Dave Resop's 1970 Mustang Coupe.




Bill Clay's 1979 Buick "Old Skool Illegal Regal" .

Linda and Keiths 1972 Monte. 



 John "Fuzz" Younkin's 1971 Pontiac RamAir GTO.




Earl's 1963 Galaxie 500 .





Doug's 1980 Camaro .



Brenda Alleys 1939 Plymouth.




Dannie and Brenda Alleys Chevy.

John Goins Camaro

Andy Goins 1972 Nova


Bill and Wanda Lash's 2010 Camaro.




Mark Cranks "Half Breed" Chestang.




Paul Kings 1979 Malibu



Mike Whimpy's Z-28.




Jim Pace's 1970 Olds W-30 442.




Jim Paces 1995 Corvette.




Richard Keoster's 1978 Corvette Coupe



Bill Browns 1978 Fairmont.

Rick and Brandy's 1964 Ford F-100.



Tony's 1965 Rivy.



Dustin's 1988 LX Notchback.


 Chris Compton and Chris Jr's 83 AMX.

Freds 1930 Model A.

Christian Cafego's 1980 Capri



Chris Murray's 94 Turbo Diesel.




Davey's Cutlass Supreme.

Richies Notchback.

Shawn Skinners Camaro.

Billy Gliders Mustang.

Mike Harmons 300 zx.





Mitchell Peebles 1993 Mustang Gt .








Terry Altum's 1978 Ford F-100.




Big Chris's 1989 Mustang.






Bobby Kelly's Trans Am.



Lonnie D's 1985 Mustang.




Ryan Longs Z-28



Racheal Longs Z-28



Big John Powers



Mike Accords S-10.

Jerry and Mikes 350 Ranger.







Donalds Ride.




Jordans Ride.




500 HP Luke and his Truck.




Trixy's Trailblazer.

 4x4 Mudding Section


Franks Explorer.

Jessie Dunns Ford.

Mark & Cindy Lashuay's 1992 Harley Heritage Softail and

2006 Harley Roadking Custom .

Frank Komlosi's Hog



Dave Wright's Hog.







Dannie Alley's 2000 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail.




Billy Lash's Hog.





Shaky's Hog.





Scott "Rotton" Lakins Hog.





Big Chris's Hog.





Big Chris's other Hog.





Scottys Sportster.





Lonnie D's Yamaha.





Kieth's Rocket.





Ron's Kawasaki.





Daniel McQuade and his Electric Indian.



Joseph Daniels and Cody Harding's Double Schwinn.



Big Mikes 1979 Harley Golf Cart



> > > > > > > >